BMI Chart

By – Dana Spencer

This post is mostly for people who have been on this diet for at least 6 months.  If you have been ZC for less than that, you just have to be patient.  Removing plant foods from your diet and getting into a ketogenic state is a major metabolic change.  Your body needs time to adapt. 

Most people lose fat on the Zero Carb Diet, but some people gain weight.  As frustrating as this is, there really is no quick fix and for some it may be something you just have to accept if you want to be healthy.

The body seems to like being in the upper range of Normal on the BMI scale.  From an evolutionary point of view this makes sense.   More stored energy would be beneficial for survival.

If you have been eating Zero Carb and are stuck in the upper range of normal on the BMI scale, you are not overweight.  If you want to be thinner, you are going to have to starve yourself or regularly do some sort of strength training to look the way you want to look.

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