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Relax, Be Happy and Focus on the Zen

by zcdana
Mt Lassen

 I see so many people struggling on the Zero Carb Carnivore diet who really just need to get out of their own way.  Some of you are focused on the wrong things or living in fear.  Fear of weight gain, fear of scurvy, fear of saturated fat, fear of eating too much, fear of what your family, friends, or doctor is going to think of your meat diet.

Too many of you are hyper-focused on your looks and how much you weigh.  Every time you put on a pair of tight pants you just want to cry and all day long those uncomfortable tight pants that dig into your fat belly when you sit down are constantly reminding you of how fat you are.  I get it, I have been there, it sucks.

By allowing yourself to wear these clothes and feel this way, you are unconsciously living stressed and depressed and making the situation worse.  You are not relaxed and happy, you are stressed and miserable and your body will not let go of fat if you are chronically stressed and focused on your fat.

You are what you think about.  If you are constantly thinking about how miserable you are, you will continue to be miserable.  Health is 1/2 body, 1/2 mind.  You can be eating the best diet, but if your mind is in the wrong place you won’t heal.  Focus on the Zero Carb Zen and how good you feel and health will follow.

Charles Washington, founder of Zeroing In On Health always says, go buy some cute clothes, that are comfortable, that you look and feel great in, and go eat meat.  I know from experience that being stubborn, by refusing to buy a bigger size and squeezing yourself into clothes that are too small and uncomfortable is no way to live.  That is a form of self-torture and is not at all healthy.

You have got to stop obsessing and focusing on your weight and start focusing on how good you feel.  You get what you focus on. Focus on the positive and you will see progress.  Focus on the negative and you will stay where you are or get worse.

Some of you are focused on how restrictive this diet is and you feel so deprived.  This diet is really not that restrictive.  All you can eat meat, cheese, sausage, eggs, burgers, seafood, fish, chicken wings, ribs, fried pork roll, deli meats, pepperoni, pork skins, sour cream dips, etc.  What’s not to like?!  Focus on what you can have!  There are so many amazing dishes that can be made with Zero Carb animal-based foods.  We have a Pinterest site packed with recipes that are Zero Carb or can easily be made Zero Carb by simply eliminating the carb ingredients.  These recipes are family-friendly!  You can cook delicious Zero Carb meals and trick your family into eating ZC and they probably won’t even miss the carbs. 🙂

Things we know about The ZC Carnivore Diet:

If you were restricting in any way, calories, macros, fat,  protein, or meat, you will probably gain weight on this diet, at first.  This happens because you restricted and your body is starving for the fuel it loves the most, fatty meat.  There is no getting around this.  Your body is starved, you need to fix it and get healthy before you will see fat loss.  Fat loss will happen when your body is ready for it.  So, go buy some new (or used) clothes that you feel comfortable in, hide your scale and just eat as much meat as your body needs to repair and heal.

Health takes time. 

The Zero Carb diet is not a quick fix anything diet, it is a lifestyle.  If you want to be healthy, like we are, you need to do what we do.  Just eat meat and stop obsessing over every little detail.  If our (long-term ZC Carnivore Vets) existence isn’t proof enough that this diet is healthy, then you are not ready for this diet.   There is nothing wrong with wanting to know and learn every tiny detail of why this diet works, but if you are letting those details hold you back from diving right in, then you are not ready.  All the information you need about this diet is in our Facebook groups. Zero Carb Health or Zeroing in on Health. Find it, read it, ask, learn and just keep eating meat and health will follow.


We know there is an adaptation period that can last 6 months or longer.  You may have all sorts of different things happen to your body, this is normal.  Stop trying to “fix” it!  Just eat the meat and let it run its course.  Trying to “fix” adaptation symptoms will just exasperate things and make adaptation last longer.  If you are in pain or very uncomfortable, go see a doctor.

There is a TON of misinformation floating around about this diet.  Much of it is coming from people who appear to be experts, doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, scientists, personal trainers, authors, health coaches, etc who are trying to make this diet more difficult with their own personal beliefs (opinions) woven into the diet.  Those people learned all they know from the information they got from the long-term Zero Carb Carnivores who have been collecting and freely providing this information for over a decade. ( Charles Washington, Kelly Hogan, L. Amber O’Hearn and Ash Simmons.) The only experts on this diet are those of us who have been living it for over 10 years as well as coaching, studying, observing, and helping thousands for over a decade. We have seen and heard it all.  Not only do we have our personal experiences, but we also have the wisdom of watching thousands of others attempt (and fail) this diet.  This diet is simple, just eat the meat you like, stop eating plant foods and using sweeteners, drink water, and get healthy, it’s that simple.  Stop complicating it!

If you are serious about conquering some health issues via this diet, you need to stay focused on positive progress.  Find one group that keeps you on track, positive, and focused.  Get out of all the other groups that have too much distracting noise, controversy, misinformation, conflicting information, and drama.    This is the reason I don’t allow and often delete all links to other groups in the Zero Carb Health Facebook Group.  Those other groups are distractions and tend to lead people down rabbit holes to confusion, doubt, and failure.  I’m not censoring the group, I’m protecting the members who need to stay focused because their health depends on it. 

Need positive inspiration? Every day, find the testimonial thread, read all the success stories, or just read one a day.  In ZCH, I personally make sure every video and podcast in the Video and Podcast thread, contains information that is consistent with our knowledge and experience of this diet and our message to keep it simple.  Make it a habit to check in each day to reinforce, stay positive, find inspiration and focus on the Zero Carb Zen and health will follow.

For more information please join us in our Facebook groups, Zeroing in on Health and Zero Carb Health. 🙂

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