SteakBy – Dana

With all the new “Carnivore Diet” hype and the discovery that actually being a full time ZC carnivore is hard and in most cases, unnecessary, I thought I would bring back the original term used to describe people who were almost Carnivores.  Re-introducing, the “Dirty Carnivore”.

Dirty Carnivore was a forum created, maybe back in 2010 (I forget the year) by somebody who could not give up her non ZC foods.  This was a perfect example of Carbohydrate addiction.  She felt better on a mostly meat diet, but felt some harmless low carb nuts, dark chocolate and veggies should be allowed.  This same thing is going on, again,  today.  So many people want to be carnivores, but are finding it is not as easy as it sounds, because of acculturation and addiction to carbohydrates.

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