Stress Curve

Andrew Scarborough’s new update on his life with Brain Cancer inspired me to write a post about Stress.   I want to point out this quote by Andrew Scarborough, “Stress raises blood glucose and I became very aware of that the hard way, but I successfully adapted strategies to deal with that.”

So many people do not understand the significance or the presence of stress in their lives because “stress” is their normal.  They don’t know any other way.  I was one of those people, stress was my normal my entire life.

It wasn’t until just a few years ago, after several years of over the top stress, and my health starting to suffer, even though I had been eating the healthiest diet I know of, Zero Carb, when I took a hormone test and found out I had 4th stage Adrenal fatigue.   I believe my diet (5 years of Zero Carb at the time) probably saved me from further damage to my health and probably aided me in recovering so fast.  (Ketogenic diets decrease oxidative stress.)

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