Zero Carb VeteransSome of our veterans of Zero Carb:

Many of these people have been eating a zero carb (animal foods) diet for more than 5 years.  Some of them are active on the Zero Carb Health Facebook group, some are not as active, or may not even currently be members.  Please do not inundate any of these members with private questions unless they initiate such a conversation.  This list is posted only after several requests for help with recognizing the names of Zero Carb veterans.

These people may not all be in perfect health, but they have improved their health by sticking to zero carb eating for a period of many years.  Also, lots of us have met each other over the years, and can vouch for them being more than just a profile pic on FB.

If you would like your name removed from the list, please let us know.  If you feel you were mistakenly left off the list, also let us know.

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