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The Human Natural Diet and the Evolution of the Zero Carb Diet. Part 4

by zcdana

Dukah PeopleThe Human Natural Diet and the Evolution of the Zero Carb Diet. (Part 4)

(Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3), (Part 5)

I believe I found Livin La Vida Low Carb (LLVLC), by Googling zero or no carbs.  Once there, I found a guy (Charles Washington) who had been eating an all meat diet for a few months.  So, I read his journal. Charles was a runner, so he was an athlete, who also ate only meat. Quite a few members were interested in this all meat Zero Carb Diet, so a new Thread was started in the LLVLC forum, called Zero Carb / Meat and Water.

Not long after this thread was created I found, or maybe somebody posted it, The Bear’s ( AKA: Owsley Stanley) epic thread: The real human diet is a totally carnivorous one. The real human diet is a totally carnivorous one.”  I spent the next 3 weeks immersed in this thread.   I was fascinated that this man had been eating an all meat diet for 40 years and he was healthy.  It is this thread that convinced me that I will never eat another carbohydrate again.  One thing The Bear said that I did not agree with, was he thought women needed carbs due to hormonal cravings.  He got this idea from his wife who could never get over her cravings, so he assumed all women had this problem.  I emailed him to let him know that women can indeed be craving free and not need carbs during hormonal fluctuations.  He was happy to learn that.  But, he was unhappy about Charles Washington.  Apparently he had found our ZC thread on the internet and knew about us.  He told me the guy (Charles) was a fraud and was simply copying his experience as written in his epic thread.

The funny thing is, Charles hadn’t known about The Bear or his thread.  What’s even more interesting, is our Zero Carb experiences and thoughts mirrored, that of The Bears.   Much of what The Bear wrote about his 40+ years of experience with eating an all meat diet rings true for our entire group of long timer Zero Carbers as well.  We also, to this day, get people coming into our groups attacking us with the same old questions that The Bear had to deal with and assuring us we are a crazy bunch, who will certainly die for not eating vegetables.  What about vitamin C?!, fiber, Omega 3 ratios, grass fed vs grain finished, CLA, cholesterol, antioxidants, and other nutritional myths.  We still see these questions daily.

Over the next 5 months, the ZC thread on LLVLC became wildly popular.  It was the most popular thread on the forum. (I saved this thread, it is over 1600 pages long, you can download the PDF of it here.)  Jimmy made a living promoting low carb foods, the Zero Carb thread was a distraction from the purpose of his forum, so we were informed that the ZC Thread was going to be closed!  You can basically learn all you need to know about eating a Zero Carb Diet by reading these 2 threads: The Bears, and Zero Carb / Meat and Water, from LLVLC.  (Continued) (Part 5)

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