The Zero Carb Carnivore Diet is not a weight loss diet, it is a get healthy lifestyle change. If you are simply looking to lose a few pounds this diet probably isn’t for you.

Generally, The Zero Carb Carnivore Diet is self regulating and you can’t eat too much.  For example, If you eat 6 oz of meat for breakfast you will be hungry in an hour.  If you eat 2 pounds for breakfast you should not be hungry for 12+ hours, unless you are very active (Shawn Baker said he ate 7 POUNDS of meat yesterday!).  BUT, like everything in life, there are exceptions to this rule.  Some people can’t regulate their hunger and they are so insulin resistant that they gain weight or can’t lose weight.

Carnivore Breakfast
1.25LB Lamb Burger with 3 Large Eggs.
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