LionBy – Caitlin Tilton

Some recent musings. Hoping to clarify our position and clear up misunderstandings.

1. Eating a meat-only diet (referred to as Zero Carb or ZC) will not cure everything. We have never stated that. In fact, if we did state that, we would open ourselves up to lawsuits. Keep this in mind.

2. Eliminating carbohydrates and eating only meat IS the single best thing you can do for your overall health. We absolutely stand behind this statement.

3. Expecting miracles in a few days or weeks is unrealistic. Many people do experience immediate relief from troublesome symptoms, such as gastric distress, insomnia, fatigue, etc., but many others do not.

Most obese and overweight people will lose weight. If you have multiple health issues, it’s possible that you won’t see rapid weight loss at first.

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