Tri-TipThe Human Natural Diet and the Evolution of the Zero Carb Diet. (Part 6)

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by, Dana

Ten years ago, when Zero Carb was just starting, Kimkins was the popular fad diet.  Kimkins was a low carb, low fat diet.  Most people who come to the Zero Carb diet, did so via a low carb and or a low fat diet, so many of our members were low carb, low fat or Kimkins refugees.  Due to the fear of saturated fats, high cholesterol and heart disease, we had to stress eating fat.  Eating animal fat is healthy, the human body loves animal fats.  Animal fats give our bodies the fuel it needs to build a strong healthy body and brain.  But people were conditioned to eating skinless chicken breasts, lean pork and fish, because those were the healthy white meats.  We had to tell people to add fat in the form of butter, lard, tallow or bacon grease because if you do not eat enough fat, you will have no energy, and you will eventually give into carb cravings or quit the diet, altogether.  Most of us added fat to our meals.  It was like our bodies were fat starved.  We craved it.  We seeked out fat scraps in restaurants, butcher shops and grocery stores.  We were fat crazed!
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