T-BoneBy – BJ, 10+ Zero Carb veteran.

Do I have to force myself to eat the amounts on the sample menus? No? But then, I don’t understand why you give ‘general amounts’ at all…?
Much as the guiding precepts are actually very simple at heart, these are things which still confuse and/or concern people.

To try to address some of them, I’m re-posting a comment I made in a thread about the zero carb diet sample menus, where some of the responses were a little bemused at least, or even actually concerned, about how much food they felt was involved:

The sample menus, the recommended amounts and the general guidelines we tend to give on ZC, about food volume et al…as well as why we emphasis and encourage what seems to some people bafflingly ‘large’ amounts…and so strongly also encourage the freedom to eat freely and generously, to all, irrespective of their weight, as opposed to trying to ‘calculate’ anything at all in any way…and why we even give or try to define these recommendations at all…are covered in this post:

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