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The Food Addicts 5 Stages of Grieving Carbs

by zcdana

By Nkem

Edited by Yasmin

Unfortunately for some, Zero Carb Health doesn’t do coddling. We tell it like it is directly and devoid of emotional attachment. It is extremely important that we do this because for food / carb addict newbies transitioning to a zero carb diet, it can be an emotionally unstable experience.
Based on my experience, these emotional outbursts seem to come from people who are in the 5 “bargaining” stages of mourning carbs.

We have to just keep telling folks the truth whether they like it or not. The way folks interpret that ‘truth telling’ depends on their carb grief stage and will likely determine their success on ZC ( Zero Carb ) .

We are here to support folks strictly through a Zero Carb diet lens. There are other groups who will coddle and explore “feefees” all day…ZCH ( Zero Carb Heath) ain’t one of them…and that’s ok.

There’s a formula for success that we have found to garner the most success through our collective experience. It will not be deviated from no matter the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments by some.
It’s what has kept me Zero Carb for 14 months.

The 5 Stages of Grieving Carbs:

1. Denial: A little bit of carbs won’t hurt. I’m LCHF, KETO or 90% Carnivore, so that’s close enough. I have a cheat meal on weekends too so I’m cool.

2. Anger: What do you mean I can’t have SOME carbs. What the hell, what about my birthday cake. Y’all can go pound sand.

3. Bargaining: Hey guys how about a little zero carb sweetener every now and then. Can we talk about about why I can at least have some if I can’t have carbs. At least it’s not as bad as cake. Can y’all make some allowances for some variation?

4. Depression: This is really happening. My life will suck without carbs. Woe is me…Why is this happening to me. Carb withdrawal is a real nightmare. My life is over without carbs.

5. Acceptance: Hey…this ain’t so bad. I’m feeling great, looking great, mentally stable..loving life..I accept that I’m a recovering food addict, carboholic. I accept my shortcomings and even if I’m never perfect, I’ll still come back to the Zero Carb diet because it’s the healthiest way for me.

Folks can go back and forth between stages, but the faster one gets to stage 5 (acceptance) through strict compliance, the better for them to avoid needless suffering.

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