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The Dirty Carnivore

by zcdana


With all the new “Carnivore Diet” hype and the discovery that actually being a full-time ZC carnivore is hard and in most cases, unnecessary, I thought I would bring back the original term used to describe people who were almost Carnivores.  Re-introducing the “Dirty Carnivore”.

Dirty Carnivore was a forum created, maybe back in 2010 (I forget the year) by somebody who could not give up her non-ZC foods.  This was a perfect example of Carbohydrate addiction.  She felt better on a mostly meat diet, but felt some harmless low carb nuts, dark chocolate and veggies should be allowed.  This same thing is going on, again,  today.  So many people want to be carnivores, but are finding it is not as easy as it sounds, because of acculturation and addiction to carbohydrates.

Back then, although I had to be a Hardcore Carnivore, I thought the Dirty Carnivore diet would take off.  It seemed so much easier and socially acceptable than The Zero Carb Carnivore diet. I thought it would be a good starting point for people to ease into The Zero Carb diet.  The Dirty Carnivore was basically meat centric with a few low carb plant foods allowed.  But like all low carb diets “Carb Creep” won out in the end and the “Dirty Carnivore” diet and forum fizzed out.  Yet, the hardcore ZC Carnivore’s are still going strong and thriving.

This brings me back to the reason we are so strict.  Hardcore ZC Carnivore is actually easier, on many levels, for some people mostly because food cravings disappear.  It is so freeing when your life no longer revolves around food.  I can’t even explain how life changing this phenomenon is.  It is something that truly has to be experienced in order to understand.  I love it, when members of our group make it to that point of total freedom and peace with food.  For many of us, this is the only reason we remain Hardcore Carnivores, freedom from the bondage of food cravings and food preparation (shopping, cooking, planning, creating) that consumed our entire lives.  But, for most people going “Hardcore” is not necessary.  Most people can tolerate a few low carb plant foods.

To all of you avocado, berry-eating “carnivores”, let’s get real, you are not true carnivores, you are “Dirty Carnivores”.  Calling yourselves “Carnivores”, while eating a salad is confusing the newbie Hardcore Carnivores, who can’t eat salads or dark chocolate without suffering or falling into a craving abyss that sometimes lasts for months.  It’s like the alcoholic drinking a light beer at an AA meeting.  So not cool.

There is nothing wrong with being transparent and we are not disparaging the Dirty Carnivores at all, we wish we could be one, but we can’t.  I think it is time to differentiate the diets as to avoid confusion.  🙂

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